Freelance Web Development

About this website

This website was designed and code by myself, using HTML5 & CSS3 with a bit of jQuery. Written in PHP and served via my own custom CMS (Content Management System). I chose to base Benjawi around my own management system for the extra freedom it allows, but mainly because my portfolio should contain the best of me, right down to my coding of parts visitors will not see.

On this site you can see what I have done and what I'm working on. That way, when you are looking for the right website developer in Plymouth, you can feel confident in what I can offer and do.

Check out what I am working on or have already completed in my work section and feel free to get in contact with me if you would like to discuss creating a website.

What I do

Recognising that finding a reliable development company at a reasonable price can be a time consuming and unsettling affair - you want your site to reflect your ideas and impress your visitors. That is where I come in.

I am a Plymouth based freelance web developer. I am a firm believer in local businesses supporting local businesses, so whether you are based in Plymouth like myself, or one of the surrounding areas, I can ease your experience of getting the website that you desire. Web standards are important to me, as well as accessibility - anyone with an Internet connection should be able to visit and enjoy your website even if they have a disability.

Who I am

Benjamin Williams

Born in the beautiful county of Cornwall, I moved to Plymouth at two and I have lived here ever since, bar a six month stint in Exeter for a job.

I completed my Bsc Hons degree in Web Technologies & Computing in 2007 and have created numerous websites over the years since, as well as working within a large international company as a Systems Support Technician where I got to create the company Intranet and design the company website.

I love comics, gaming, computers and building websites. I run two myself as a journalist