Changes to Comic Book News UK

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5th December 2017 Changes to Comic Book News UK

I made a big change to Comic Book News UK the other day. Comic News, Film/TV News and Game News are no more. Now, it's just News. It might not seem like a big change, but it was/is.

Why the change though? Well, with the whole concentrating on mainly the UK side of comics, the news doesn't come as fast or is as easy to find as with US comics, where there's usually something newsworthy every day. Take Gaming News for example; Rebellion has recently released Rogue Trooper Redux. There's also going to be a new Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth card game in 2018. What else? Most comic-based games are built of world-famous characters like the ones from Marvel or DC Comics, staring characters such as Batman or Spider-Man. Over the lifetime of having the Gaming News section, which has been many years, there was a grand total of 36 articles. When it comes to UK comic based gaming news, that section can become a complete wasteland of no news for months on end.

In the end, it just made sense to get rid of the gaming section. But where to put gaming news? It's not comic news, and it's certainly not film or TV news. Which then led to the question of why do I even have those sections? I've gone a week before where there's been no comic news but had some film/TV news. It makes the comic section look unloved. So was there a need for those sections to be split? So now they're all one big section. It took a nice database change to sort out everything into one, and then a load of changes to the code to remove the older sections and not allow those older sections to be selected, both in the front end and back end of the website.

It was a bit of a pain, but should be worth it and will make the whole site look better news-wise.