MagicMan13 brought up to date

Web Development
25th February 2019 MagicMan13 brought up to date

It's been a while since I revisited the MagicMan13 site that I built for my brother, but then it's been a while since he used it. Now that he's started up his business again I figured it was about time that I started up my development on the site again.

So what has changed? Aesthetically, not much. It has the same general look and feel as I didn't feel that it needed much of a change. The biggest change was making the site mobile friendly. When I initially built the site there was no need for it to be responsive. Smartphones were brand new and there was no demand for it. The pleasing part was that I created a site that could stand up the test of time, as it still looks good. Sure, it's not a modern look, but not every site needs to have a modern look to actually look "modern".

MagicMan13 screenshot

The site now works perfectly on a mobile phone, which is exactly what I set out to do, without changing too much about how the site looks to bring it up to date with how websites should be now.