The Comic Joint

The Comic Joint

Project Description

The Comic Joint, as far as I'm aware, is a unique comic website. The idea behind the site is that it's a mix between a review site and Twitter, as you only have 200 characters with which to make a review. It sounds harsher than it is, but it's easy to do - just look in any magazine with reviews, or posters, and you'll see a mini-review of a film or book. A few words and a star rating, and that's all this site asks for. With such a limited character count, users have to think about what they're going to write, as there's no room to ramble on, and visitors get an idea of whether a comic is good or not.

Project Details:

  • Built with HTML, CSS & PHP.
  • Custom built Admin/Moderation area.
  • Search for comics to read reviews.
  • 200 character limit for all reviews.
  • 5-star rating system.

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